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Ashtabula City Port Authority Projects
The Ashtabula City Port Authority Board of Directors is very active in the economic development endeavors for the City of Ashtabula.  Recent projects include the completion of the Ashtabula City Industrial Park, the dredging of the Ashtabula River and now the Green Energy Ohio Anemometer Loan Program.  The Ashtabula City Port Authority also teamed up with the Ashtabula Area Chamber Foundation in 2009 to host the successful Wine & Walleye Festival held in August (and will be held the 4th weekend in August each year).
Public Notices:
State Road Sanitarty Sewer Line (March 3, 10am /Pre-Bid) (March 11, 10am Bid Opening)
USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grant - Public Hearing(February 17, 2pm , Ashtabula City Hall Pre-Councli Chambers)
Open pdf for details.
Ashtabula City Port Plan - Public Hearing
(March 14, 2011 - 2pm, Harbor Topky Library)
Open pdf for details.
Draft 2011 Port Plan.pdf (PDF — 692 KB)
Current projects
Lift Bridge Public Restrooms
The Port Authority will be requesting Design-Build bid proposals due at 2:00 p.m. Monday, January 10, 2010.  Bid packages can be obtained through this website or at the City Manager's office (4717 Main Avenue, Ashtabula).
Bid package on link below:
RR bid package.pdf (PDF — 60 KB)
Added 12/27/10
Added 12/27/10
ARB Guidelines.pdf (PDF — 7 MB)
Added 1/3/11
Wind Energy Study
The Ashtabula City Port Authority was selected by Green Energy Ohio (GEO) and the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) as one of two sites for participation in the 2009-2010 Ohio Anemometer Loan Program (ALP).   Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy and ODOD, the Ohio ALP is managed by GEO, a state-wide non-profit advocate of renewable energy sources.  The Ohio ALP was designed to provide assistance to non-profit organizations such as municipalities, school districts, and park districts, along with small businesses/industries that are interested in developing wind power, but that may lack the money and the expertise to perform these predevelopment tasks.  Preference is given to those organizations/businesses that best show their potential for the development of a wind energy project.
Ashtabula City Port Authority envisions a 100 kilowatt wind turbine at the City of Ashtabula’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located along Lake Erie.  A turbine at this location will complement several existing “green” initiatives including energy efficiency and recycling programs, as well as plans to use methane from primary waste digesters to reduce the amount of natural gas consumed at the site.  Wind data from this study will help fill a data gap that exists in the northeast corner of the state – an older industrial area believed to have a strong wind resource and whose economy could benefit greatly from future wind development.
“This project can be the ‘winds of change’ for the City of Ashtabula,” said Alicia McFarland, Ashtabula City Port Authority Economic Development Director.  “As an older industrial city in the state of Ohio, we see this as a wonderful opportunity for our community to take advantage of our location by re-tooling ourselves with alternative energy solutions.  We anticipate wind energy to be the impetus for green growth in both the public and private sectors in Ashtabula and surrounding areas,” she added.
For more information on the Anemometer Loan Program, other GEO initiatives, and photographs, please visit the GEO website at: 
ALP Monthly Reports:
Ashtabula City Industrial Park
Built in 2007, the Ashtabula City Industrial Park offers 9 sites ranging from 1 to 16 acres.  It is within ½ mile of a deep water port (Pinney Dock) and is traffic light-free from Route 11. Eligible companies may receive assistance from the County or City Revolving Loan Funds, Industrial Bonds, Community Reinvestment Tax Incentive and/or State Tax Incentives and Financing.  Please see the Industrial Park link on the left for more details.
Transient Boat Dock
The Port Authority's Transient Dock features a free sanitary pump out station (the only one on Lake Erie), access to Bridge Street retailers and daytime docking visits (2 hour maximum). Overnight boaters will need to stay in one of the local marinas.  (See list of marinas that provide overnight docking accomodations.)  The Transient Dock area is available for community functions as well.  Call 440-992-7154 for details of reserving this space.
Dredging of the Ashtabula River
In November, 2000, the Ashtabula City Port Authority agreed to serve as the Non-Federal Local Sponsor for the Ashtabula River dredging project.  The plan for environmental dredging was prepared by the Ashtabula River Partnership.  The project was approved under the authorization of the Great Lakes Legacy Act in 2005.  Employing a dredge equipped with a 12 inch cutter head the sediments were pumped to a consolidation facility, where the sediments were contained, and the water was decontaminated and returned to the Ashtabula River.  A similar dredge equipped with an 8 inch cutter head was used for both attaining final depth and clean up standards. Following completion of the environmental dredging, Operation and Maintenance dredging was undertaken under authority of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s. 
Dredging was initiated in the fall of 2006 and completed during the summer of 2008, removing 630,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment from the river. As a result of this project, the Ashtabula River now has a nominal depth of 22 feet, which, once again, accommodates commercial vessels for area industries.  The combined projects have removed approximately 25,000 pounds of PCBs, as well as other contaminants from the river.  These two dredging projects cost about $75 million and nearly two decades of organization, planning and execution, resulting in the Ashtabula River returning to a clean harbor on Lake Erie, and a “river of many fish”. The Ashtabula River Remediation Action Plan Advisory Committee is currently working to delist the river as an Area of Concern.  Click on the pdf link below for details of this plan.
5 slip fact sheetGLRI.pdf (PDF — 419 KB)
The Manistee                       This 600' vessel unloads 7,000 tons of Marblehead limestone at R.W. Sidley's in April of 2009.  The Ashtabula River is now deep enough for lake boats of this size to deliver product to local businesses. 
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